Boutique Study Tours

St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar are pleased to offer a range of short-term study experiences for international schools and students.

These programs are offered primarily through our study tour agent network and our partner schools. Our aim with these programs is to provide a positive cultural experience to international students visiting our school and our student hosts. Please read through the information provided thoroughly.

Being part of an international study tour offers enriching benefits to international students.

• Improved English language skills
• Developing global awareness
• Growth in confidence
• Opportunity to forge new friendships
• Develop leadership ability

The school currently offers three experiences, which are subject to availability and are provided at the discretion of the school.

School Tour

For groups who are visiting Australia and want to have the opportunity to experience several schools.

Length of tour 2 hours approx.

Students aged 8 – 17

• Students receive a welcome to the school
• School Tour
• Lunch provided with Australian students
• Group team-building exercise with Australian Students
• Gift provided

Requirements If required, interpreters must be provided by the visiting tour

Fees $75 per student (minimum charge $1,000)

Minimum student number 4
Max student number 50

Individual Study Tour

Families who are visiting Australia and want their children to gain experience in an Australian school.

Length of tour 1 – 4 Week(s)

Students aged 8 – 16

• Students join the school and attended classes as a student of St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar.
• Students are provided with a student buddy
• Orientation brochure
• Certificate and gift provided

Requirements International students should have a working knowledge of English

Fees $1,000 per week per student + $250 administration fee per student

Minimum student number 1
Max student number 4

Group Study Tour

International tour groups or schools that want their students to have an international cultural and schooling experience.

Length of tour 1 Week

Students aged 13 – 17

• Students follow a pre-agreed schedule of activities
• Activities are a combination of the tour group and combined classroom experience with Australian students
• Interpretation services are provided for combined activities
• International and Australian students interact in class and in group activities
• Orientation brochure
• Certificate and gift provided

RequirementsInternational students should have a working knowledge of English

Fees $1,000 per week per student (minimum charge $12,500) + $250 administration fee per student

Minimum student number 10
Max student number 30

  • The school does not provide any accommodation assistance or management for these programs.
  • Study tour programs are subject to availability and are at the discretion of the school. The school reserves the right to select and appoint partner agents it wishes to work with.
  • The School reserves the right to alter pricing or programs or stop offering study tours without notice. Study tours are only booked when you have received a confirmation from the school and fees have been paid. All fees must be paid 30 days in advance of the study tour commencing.
  • Study tours are available between March and November each year (study tours are NOT available in December, January or February).
  • Programs and experiences are only a guide. While every effort will be made to deliver the program/experience as detailed, the school does reserve the right to change programs and experiences without notice.
  • The School will make every effort to delivered agreed programs, however from time to time the school may need to alter, shorten or cancel a study tour. The school will endeavour to provide the maximum amount of notice to the study tour. Should this occur the School will work with the agent to provide an alternative tour or experience and provide a pro-rata refund.

St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School study tours are primarily offered through our study tour agents and schools.

If you wish to become a study tour agent to the school, please complete the “Study Tour Agent Form” and submit this to add@emailaddress

Preference is provided to organisations that:

  • have a registered office in Australia
  • have organised study tour previously
  • are a registered Australian Education Agent
  • have an existing relationship with the school

It’s important to note that unless you are a registered Study Tour agent with us, we won’t be able to review your application to conduct a study tour.

Once you’re approved as a Study Tour agent you can apply to conduct a study tour. It is important to note that we have limited places each year and that these can be difficult to plan for, so each Study Tour is reviewed based on availability and merit.

Please complete the following form

We will receipt your request on the same day, but it may take up to a week to respond to your application. Why does it take this long? Because each tour is unique and involves our Australian student’s we need to ensure it fits with our schedule which means we have to talk to Heads of Schools, years and wellbeing, to ensure we can support a program that will provide the right student experience.

Education Agents who have an international student, who is considering studying full time at St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar will be provided priority, where the application for a short-term tour is accompanied with application to attend the school.  The international student will be charged the standard applicable study tour fee, which will be refunded against the students, standard fee schedule, when they commence with the school.

Once your tour has been approved, we’ll provide you with an agreement, which details who’s responsible for what.

When we receive your signed agreement we will send you the following:

  • Student list form (completed for the whole tour group)
  • Student information form and code of conduct (completed by all students)
  • Orientation book
  • Parent code of conduct (completed by all parents accompanying the study tour)
  • Invoice for deposit or invoice for whole tour if the agreement if less than 40 days before study tour is due to commence. Please note that the deposit non-refundable, if you cancel or alter the agreed agree study tour period.

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