As links between nations multiply and strengthen, international engagement becomes increasingly important. To become effective global citizens, young people need to be provided with a range of opportunities to engage with cultures different to their own.

Overseas Students

As schools of first choice providing exceptional single gender education to students from Year 5 – Year 12

St Margaret’s School and Berwick Grammar School incorporate both traditional and modern educational methodologies to promote the personal and academic prosperity of each student. An integral component of international engagement is to welcome overseas students to share in this excellent opportunity.

Exchange Programs

St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School provides its senior students with the opportunity to participate in international student exchanges, a consequence of our commitment to the Queen Margaret of Scotland Girls’ Schools Association. Past students have had the fortune to explore renowned locations such as York (England), Aberdeen (Scotland), Wellington (New Zealand) and Christchurch (New Zealand) as part of the exchange program.

Study Tours

St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School offers its senior students an array of opportunities to explore the world. The School ardently encourages students to partake in international tours that are conducted annually, serving the interests of students academically and personally. Past students have encountered unique regions of the world, ranging across Asia, Australia and Europe.

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