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The St Margaret’s School Council plays a vital role in the educational opportunity and outcomes of all students at the school. In essence, the role of School Council is one of setting the long term future for the school and maintaining oversight of the school's operation.

Three of the critical roles of School Council are developing the strategic plan, approving the annual budget, and setting and reviewing policies.

The School Council is made up of nine councillors who are specialists in a variety of fields including academia, finance, law and architecture. Representatives from the Parents and Friends’ and the Alumnae associations are also included on School Council.

The school engages a number of sub-committees which are advisory bodies to the school. They report regularly at School Council meetings and provide advice and make recommendations to the School Council, which has the final responsibility for decisions.

Sub-committees are open to non School Council members and therefore provide opportunities to involve many people in the school who are not members of School Council. The sub-committees include: Finance Committee, Buildings and Grounds Committee, Berwick Grammar School Foundation Committee, Executive Committee.


2019 School Council

Mr Philip Battye, President of School Council

Dr Leonora Anderson

Mr Graeme Bulte

Dr Aisling Griffin

Mr Chris Kelly

Mrs Shemane Nathanielsz

Ms Amy Ridgway

Mrs Fiona Templar

Mr Pino Stravalli

Mr Sam Pritchard



All correspondence for the School Council should be directed to:

President of School Council, St Margaret’s School, PO Box 138, Berwick Vic 3806

and/or emailed to:


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