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For over 15 years at St Margaret’s School and since the inception of Berwick Grammar School we have been focused on providing our students with the opportunity to learn in a one-to-one (1:1) notebook environment. As early innovators in the use of 1:1 computing from Year 5 to 12 we are motivated by the desire to transform education to better suit the needs of our students as citizens of new and emerging digitally connected societies.

Innovations have enabled our students and our school to achieve the widely recognised benefits of embedding ICT into the teaching and administration of schooling. These benefits include: improvements in students’ personal organisation; development of key 21st Century Skills; collaboration, knowledge building, self-regulation, real-world problem solving and innovation and the use of ICT to support learning (Shear et al. 2011).

The relentless advancements in the range and scope of digital devices and computing systems demand enhanced digital literacy skills. Although St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School provides our students with access to a wide range of digital technologies, the need for students to have use of their own computer is central to our digital literacy strategy and is subsequently an essential requirement for all students from Year 5 to 12.

New and current students joining the program are required to lease a computer from the school for a series of instalments or a one off payment. When students join the program, they will be provided with a computer which incorporates the latest technology along with an extensive list of inclusions.

In addition to the new computer students will have access to a wide range of school site and volume licensed software including Microsoft Windows 8 Professional, Microsoft Office Professional 2013, Adobe Creative Suite and many more. Students will also benefit from access to onsite technical support from our qualified technicians and the reassurance of warranty and insurance support for hardware repair and the provision of a loan device if necessary thanks to our technology supplier.


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