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St Margaret's and Berwick Grammar School welcomes applications from overseas students.

St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School incorporate both traditional and modern educational methodologies to promote the personal and academic prosperity of each student. An integral component of international engagement is to welcome overseas students to share in this excellent opportunity. Our English Bridging and Cultural Immersion Programs assist overseas students to meet the academic entry standards of the School, and allow for a smooth and successful transition into the Australian education system.

St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School are dedicated to empowering students to develop their potential and realise their dreams of undertaking study at an Australian or international university. Student welfare is paramount. Through our philosophy of precise and personalised learning, our team of exceptional teachers provide ongoing support and guidance to every student, every lesson, every day. The academic program is a balanced blend of contemporary and traditional curriculum that harnesses new technologies and embraces global issues. In addition to academic excellence, St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School are widely recognised for the exceptional care and understanding provided to all students.

‘In the beautiful and idyllic school campus, I have met so many inspiring and wonderful teachers and friends. I have had a lot of fun times. I love St Margaret’s School and so will you. I enthusiastically recommend this school and I firmly believe that the supportive and caring school community of St Margaret’s is just the right place for any overseas students looking for new friendships, new experiences and new dreams.’

Yunhee Park, overseas student from South Korea

International Enrolment Information

School Overview
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Enrolment Procedure
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Terms and Conditions
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Fee Structure
2021 International Fee Structure

Application Form
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International Entry Guidelines
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VCE Success
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