Prototyping Workshop at Casey Tech School

Year 12 Visual Communication Design students recently tackled a waste challenge during a full day prototyping workshop at Casey Tech School. The Victorian Design Challenge invites design professionals and students to use their creativity to drive a meaningful change to reduce, recover or eliminate waste. Before visiting Casey Tech School we researched the problem, generated our own ideas and presented concepts that would solve a waste related problem, so by the time we got to Casey Tech School we would have a project to work on.

Throughout the day we toured the facility and were introduced to some of the resources they have available including 3D printers and laser cutters and whole rooms dedicated to virtual reality. We participated in sessions to evaluate our design concepts and spent the remainder of the day working on our projects, creating rapid prototypes using the equipment available.

Overall the day at Casey Tech School was a great experience. We learned from experts in the field and sought advice to use industrial grade equipment that helped us create functional prototypes to test our proposed solutions.

Gabe Crestani
Year 12 students
Art and Design Captain