In Focus

London Journey of the European Tour

After travelling through Paris and London I have come to one conclusion; laughter sounds the same in every language and every accent. After parting ways with the Genève tour, we were destined for London on the Eurostar. Our trip was filled with some of the most iconic destinations in England including 221B Baker Street, Big Ben and Trafalgar Square. It was like travelling around a Monopoly board! Some of the highlights of the trip included an acting workshop with the National Theatre, a visit to the TATE Modern Art Gallery and a tour and workshop at Shakespeare’s historic Globe Theatre. We lived like true Londoners using The Tube every day, drinking tea and eating dinner in traditional English pubs. Whilst in London, we were fortunate enough to see two plays, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and The Woman in Black. The two juxtapositional pieces allowed us to see the diversity within the performing arts world and how complicated or simplistic set could create an intricate, exciting performance. Overall, the London trip was an absolutely unforgettable one filled with great people and incredible experiences.

Georgia Coward Smith
Year 11 student