In Focus

Kryal Castle experience

On Tuesday 31 May the Year 8 boys from Berwick Grammar School travelled to Kryal Castle to experience medieval times in the present. The year level had just completed a semester’s work on medieval Europe and we were all looking forward to finding out what life was really like during those times.

We began with the torture chamber, and the boys found it so exciting. They discussed all the different trials or ordeals that were required to prove your innocence if you were charged with a crime. We also discussed different cures for illnesses that occurred back in those times and the types of food people ate, how they prepared them and the clothes that people wore. How feudalism worked and what power different classes had in those days.

Then came the armour. Students were randomly selected and tried on a variety of helmets, body armour, shields and swords much to all our amusement. We found out it was very expensive to be protected in a battle. Archery was next on the list, and each boy got the chance to test their skills. I must say, Ms Carlisle was deadly! Watch out if you catch her in a bad mood.

To finish off, we had a mock battle. There were two armies each armed with shields, swords and clubs, then off we went to battle.

The boys really appreciated the day and it was a wonderful chance for them to live a little in Medieval Europe. I wish to thank Ms Carlisle, Mr Jones and Ms Muller for their expertise and good humour. They were certainly very competent on the battle field and the boys really appreciated their input.

Mr David Diston