In Focus

Healthy Shopping at the Supermarket

Clutching five dollars in their hands the children of the four year old Early Learning Centre groups set off to Coles to purchase some healthy foods. Having been engaged in inquiries about health, it was their opportunity to get some exercise as they walked, develop their road safety knowledge and took action to purchase some healthy food for their families.

The fruit and vegetable section of the supermarket was immediately overwhelmed by children selecting healthy fruits and vegetables so that they could get some ‘vitamins and minerals.’ Dairy foods were also a popular choice with many children choosing some yoghurt to make their bones strong. One child had already asked why there is a whole row of soft drinks when they are only a sometimes food. An insightful question which perhaps only manufacturers of the products could answer!

With wholegrain bread, cereal and a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, the children walked back to school, accompanied by our supportive parent helpers, ready to consume their nutritious food. Some products made it home, but others mysteriously disappeared into the stomachs of our growing youngsters who demonstrated their knowledge of a healthy diet throughout the experience.

Mrs Sue Eden
Director Early Learning Centre