In Focus

Head of Campus update – 21 April 2016

This term the staff and students have been introduced to the Resilience Project. Based on the work of Hugh Van Cuylenburg, the Resilience Project teaches people how to be more resilient by developing their empathy, gratitude and mindfulness. The teaching staff learned more about developing resilience at our staff day on Monday 11 April and the students had their introduction on 18 April. A parent information session was held on 20 April, if you were unable to attend, I ensure you talk to your child about what they have learned so far and encourage them to practice their developing skills in empathy, gratitude and mindfulness at home. At school, the students will be practicing these skills through their CARE sessions, with the assistance of their CARE teacher and Year Level Coordinator.

We were excited to return from holidays to find our Mindfulness room completed. We are currently completing the furnishings and look forward to taking the students to this dedicated space to practice mindfulness.

The new Summit room adjoins the mindfulness space and it is also ready for the Summit students to move in. This beautiful classroom provides a base for our highly able students who belong to the Summit Program.

Mrs Fiona Williams
Head of St Margaret’s Senior School