In Focus

Brodie Gooding Cycling success

Currently in Year 12 studying his VCE, when not in the classroom or studying at home Brodie can be found on his bike, training for his upcoming cycling events. The school’s best overall male Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) rider for the last two years, Brodie’s passion for cycling came from his involvement in the HPV program.

Brodie claims his passion for cycling began when ‘my sister and some friends started competing in local criterion events, so I joined up as well. They were fun but at the start of last year I focused my training on longer rides and hill climbing to train for tours, which consist of road races and time trials.’

The Tour of Bright has been Brodie’s most successful. There were seventy competitors in his division and he achieved fifth in his Time Trial and third and eleventh in the Road Races. This earned him an overall finishing place of fifth. ‘Fifth place was great. My training really helped me when I had to climb Mt Hotham. Also, this extra training helped with my stamina in the HPV at the RACV Energy Breakthrough.’

Brodie’s improved fitness was certainly beneficial to the all boys’ HPV team who won the 2013 RACV Energy Breakthrough’s Open Secondary Division and placed first overall.