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Head of Campus Update – 21 September 2017

Tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther…. Some of the boys in Year 9 and 10 were aghast earlier in th...

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BGS Basketball Championship

Earlier in the term the BGS Junior Basketball team took part in the Victorian Champions Cup basketball tournament, forme...

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Student Exchange

We have welcomed 40 students from our partner schools in China. The senior students from Xuejun High School in Hangzhou ...

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Environment Team Update

It has been a busy time for the BGS Environment Team since Science Week. After the BBQ raised in excess of $200 we were...

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A most enjoyable evening was had by all those at the Rosanove Auditorium for the BGS In Concert 2017. A truly diverse ar...

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Our Year 6 BGS boys took part in a Chinese cooking session last week with Ms Tan. The boys made dumplings and had some a...

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Year 9 Gippsland Maths Games Day 2017

On Wednesday 16 August, two teams from Year 9 headed to Federation University in Gippsland for the annual Maths Associat...

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Melbourne Writers’ Festival

On 20 August, our Year 7 and 8 English Extension classes were treated to a day at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival. The b...

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