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What Links Wellbeing and School Performance?

At St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School, we are committed to nurturing the wellbeing of the young men and women we w...

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What Do We Think About New Year’s Resolutions?

So here we are, back with our very first article for 2021.  And it feels appropriate to deal with the concept of New Yea...

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How Will You Create Time to Reflect?

Well, holidays have arrived – perhaps affording us with a well needed time to rest and reflect on the year that was.  Th...

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Connection and Young Men

It’s Orientation Day as I write this article, and I have just had the pleasure of spending the day with a number of brig...

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A Reflection on the Year That Was

This weekend I took the opportunity to film my segment of the final Berwick Grammar School online assembly at Black Rock...

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What is the Answer to Stress?

Stress is an interesting thing. I’d argue that it is impossible to live a life entirely without stress as stress is ofte...

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Why Is Reading Good for Our Wellbeing?

Reading is one of the Wellbeing Hive’s daily habits – an activity we recommend you practice each day to maintain your we...

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Finding The Spark

When we interview students at both senior campuses, finding a spark is always a discussion point. Finding the spark mean...

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