How Much Better Would the World be With More Random Acts of Kindness In it?

How Much Better Would the World be With More Random Acts of Kindness In it?

A small act of kindness has the power to make a person’s day – just the idea that someone was thinking of you and is supporting you and on your side… even the smallest of gestures like this has the capacity to change a person’s mood or attitude and re-set them in a more optimistic mindset.  I’m sure we’ve all experienced this before, when a colleagues places a well-timed cuppa or chocolate on your desk during a stressful work period, or when a kind and unexpected gift comes your way, or someone goes out of their way to help you out… so you all know the feeling I am talking about.

Which makes me wonder, how much better would our world be if we all embraced more random acts of kindness?

What if we all looked out for each other more? What if we walked around trying to be more attuned to the feelings of others?   If we were all more attentive to those in need of a little pick me up?  If we paid attention to little ways we could make each other’s day and remind people the world is essentially a good place?

What if we focused more on being a force for good in this world, on small act of kindness at a time?

How might the people around us respond?  Might they in turn follow suit?  Might we start a movement, a culture, of people being warmer and more thoughtful towards each other?  What might the impact of this be – on families, on workplaces, in schools and in the broader community?

And what might the impact on us be?  Research has shown that the surest way to improve a poor mood or a negative mindset is to be the change ourselves – to do something kind for another person.  In doing so, we remind ourselves of our own inner goodness, and our inherent capacity to achieve something positive – even if it is as simple as leaving a little note on our partner’s pillow, to remind them how much we care.

What if we believed that one person could make a difference?  And that one person could be ourselves.

Here’s a challenge to anyone reading this article… why not – for the space of a week – join me in an experiment.  Let’s focus on at least once per day (and more often if we think of it) ensure we do some small kind act that gives someone a warm fuzzy feeling.  At the end of that week, let’s reflect on the people around us and also on our own sense of wellbeing.


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