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Soldier vs Scout Mindset

Do we ever think about what motivates us in our search for truth? Recently I read a book which had some interesting insi...

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The Power of Role Models for Empowering Women and Growing Good Men

One of the most powerful things we can do for young people is to provide or point out positive role models upon which th...

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So What Then, Is Leadership?

Congratulations to Trent Simpson of Year 12, both our SRC and Art and Design Captain at the Senior Boys Campus for this ...

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Noticing and Consent

Consent remains an important issue for schools and anyone working with young people, and our current wellbeing theme of ...

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Finding Your Passion

I really enjoyed our recent VCE Information evening, and appreciated that the school took an opportunity to bring in Car...

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TRAIN Yourself to Deal With Difficult Times

Over the past week, The Wellbeing Hive has been giving a daily tip to living in lockdown and managing all that comes wit...

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Empathy and Reconciliation

Empathy.  The capacity to sit and really feel what someone is feeling. Sometimes empathy makes us uncomfortable because ...

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Curiosity and Growing Good Men

This week, in our second student-penned Wellbeing Hive Article, Year 8 student Austin Huang looks at why our school valu...

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