VSPA Victorian School of Performing Arts

Victorian School of Performing Arts

2018 Concert Program

At the Victorian School of Performing Arts (VSPA) we believe that appreciation of good music and theatre is an unmistakable sign of culture. This is why we aim to offer and present every opportunity for our students to develop and grow into the best performers they possibly can.

Located at St Margaret’s School, Berwick, VSPA is delivered and administered by fully qualified, professional classroom, instrumental, vocal and drama specialists. Our comprehensive programs aim to ‘inspire a sense of the extraordinary’ in everything we do from daily lessons and specialist recitals to grand concerts, productions and community performances.

Our specialist tutors are able to cater for all standards of Performing Arts education from Beginner and Preliminary through to Associate and Licentiate levels. Our staff are dedicated, caring and experienced performers in their particular specialty areas and enjoy encouraging young performers to reach their full potential.

All students and families are welcome to join with us in the cultural experiences offered and enjoy the rich performing heritage which is such a valued part of our school.

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