St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar Senior Girls

Welcome to St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar Senior Girls. The core focus of our school is, of course, our students with programs, activities and community all serving to develop and extend their talents, skills and experiences.

St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar endeavours to create for its students a supportive environment where they can grow in confidence and self-esteem. With caring staff and motivated students, the central philosophy of the school is that everyone strives to achieve their personal best. Hard work is important and so too is the notion of  ‘doing what is right’, with both being evident in the school’s motto and service program, as well as in the day-to-day life of the school itself.

Our Senior Girls campus is well-known for two central achievements: academic success and the nurturing of community. This powerful combination promotes a sense of connectedness and belonging, allowing students to feel secure in setting challenging goals for themselves. With encouragement and the opportunity to develop their talents, students frequently excel in music, sport, the arts, mathematics, sciences and humanities. Our main goal is that they excel in life, discovering a path that will be engaging, meaningful and personally fulfilling.


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