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Keep in touch with the SMS Alumnae by joining them on facebook.

Please add the SMS Alumnae as your ‘friend’ by searching for: SMSALUMNAE and join the hundreds of SMS Alumnae members keeping in touch with the school and each other through facebook today.

Contact for more information.


Archive donations

The Archives contain 90 years of the school’s heritage, documenting the tradition and history of the school and acting as its long term memory. The Archives are a valuable link to the past giving an understanding and appreciation of our school that enriches and informs the wider community. The Archives are continually growing thanks to the generosity of our staff and students, both past and present. The collection contains a precious and fascinating range of items – school magazines, photographs, papers, trophies and uniform are amongst the items that have been kindly donated.

Please contact the school if you are wishing to donate or share items with the Archives.

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