Prep-2 Mathematics

In the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) Mathematics is ‘viewed as a vehicle to support inquiry, providing a global language through which we make sense of the world around us. It is intended that students become competent users of the language of mathematics and can begin to us it as a way of thinking, as opposed to seeing it as a series of facts and equations to be memorised.’ (PYP Mathematics Scope and Sequence, p1, IBO 2009)

The Mathematics program is integrated through the curriculum and allows students to learn through play, exploration, games, cooperative activities and discussion. Students become actively involved in Mathematics using concrete materials and technology, to develop simple problem solving strategies in a supportive learning environment.

St Margaret’s School provides a comprehensive and sequential Mathematics program, which ensures that students at all levels work towards developing:

  • knowledge of number facts and how numbers work
  • an understanding of patterns in counting and ordering numbers
  • the ability to communicate in clear and precise mathematical language
  • the ability to conduct investigations using Mathematics
  • logic and reasoning
  • problem solving skills
  • measuring and estimating skills.

At St Margaret’s, students are encouraged to develop confidence as mathematicians and problem solvers. A solid foundation and enthusiasm for Mathematics is fostered throughout the Junior School.

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