COVID-19 Update 21 July 2021 (4.00 pm)

COVID-19 Update 21 July 2021 (4.00 pm)

We advise that the DHHS has provided clearance to reopen the school. Given the ongoing lockdown, school operations will start with the reopening of the ELC and the Support School tomorrow Thursday 22 July 2021. Students who were classified as Tier 2 contacts by the DHHS, who are not part of a Tier 1 household/family, and who have returned a negative test are invited to attend.

We would sincerely like to thank everyone who has voluntarily provided us with their negative COVID-19 results via the previously provided form. This has made a significant difference with regards to the speed in which the school can reopen. To reopen, all close contacts needed to return negative results and the whole school has received a thorough deep clean.

Please note that Support School, which will only be open at the Berwick campus, is only open to students in years Prep to Year 9 who are children of authorised workers as defined by the Victorian Government or are deemed vulnerable. We ask that if your child is unwell in any way, to not send them to school and seek medical advice.

Online/distance learning will continue for all students except for ELC students who return to face-to-face learning.

Families will receive individual information via email. As always if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the leadership team directly, who will be happy to assist.

We will continue to share information and advice as it becomes available.

At this stage, the whole school will return to face-to-face learning from 8.30 am on Wednesday 28 July, subject to Government approval. Please look yourselves and stay safe.

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