COVID-19 Update 18 July 2021 (12.00 pm)

COVID-19 Update 18 July 2021 (12.00 pm)

It has been a busy 24 hours for our whole community, following the news that a staff member of our Senior School at the Berwick Campus (SMS), returned a positive COVID-19 test on Saturday. We appreciate the support that we have been provided and the way the community has rallied to get tested and provide feedback on their results.

The staff member, who has tested positive, is reporting that they are feeling well, are asymptomatic and that they are keen to be teaching online tomorrow, particularly as it is a way to keep busy while they progress through the infection. Please be assured that the School is providing every assistance we can to this staff member and we wish them a speedy recovery.

Following yesterday’s rush to get tested, it is a relief to hear that as people are sharing their results with the school, to date we have not had an additional case, including from those who might be considered close contacts.

Collating Test Results

To assist the DHHS, we have been asked to collate student and staff COVID-19 negative test results. This is to double check results and to try and ensure the school can open again at the earliest opportunity and with confidence.

The provision of student and staff results, which is voluntary, will be held confidentially by the school and shared with the DHHS. Once we have the go ahead to reopen the school, all results information will be destroyed by the school. This simple form is housed in the Community Section on Nexus, which all students and staff have access to, and we ask that this form NOT be shared outside of the community to ensure data integrity.


A deep clean of the school is currently being organised, under the direction of the DHHS and we anticipate that this will be completed on Sunday 18 or Monday 19 July.

The Process

The physical school will remain closed, including ELC and Support School until we are provided with the go ahead to open by the DHHS. We understand that this will occur once the deep clean has been completed along with DHHS contact tracing. A further condition we understand is that negative COVID-19 testing results have been achieved across the designated close contacts at the Senior School Berwick Campus student and staff population.


The instructions that we have received, to date are that all students and staff who were present on the Senior School Berwick Campus (SMS) on 14 and 15 July 2021 will need to be tested immediately and isolate at home until you receive a negative result. At this stage the DHHS are not encouraging household members of staff and students to be tested; however, if you are concerned about you or your family’s COVID-19 status or have symptoms, as always, the recommendation is get tested and isolate until you have a negative result.

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