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St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School’s Online Business Directory is a fundraising initiative that serves the purpose of linking and building on our diverse community network within the school and broader community.

This free service is to promote your business through the school website and the ‘Parent Lounge’ both are linked to the school app which many school families utilise daily. Statistics show we have a very high volume of unique visitors to our website which is growing every month. In the directory your  business address, website information, attention grabbing banners and logos can easily be stored with the added bonus of an additional 4,000 character spaces to personalise your advertisement with ‘a special offer or detailed business information’ just for the SMS and BGS community.  Advertisers who choose to be a part of this new initiative will need to supply a business banner, size 600 x 100 pixels in a jpg file and a logo size 200 x 150 pixels.



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