From the Head Of Junior School – 3 December 2020

From the Head Of Junior School – 3 December 2020

PYPX – the culmination of a successful Year 6 year

As I reflect on the year we have had, despite its ups and downs, there is a lot to celebrate….especially what we have collectively achieved in Term 4. I write this final Campus News edition having proudly witnessed the PYPX process and virtual exhibition which our Year 6 children were able to so capably execute, carefully guided by their teachers and mentors. The students should be so proud of themselves as their inquiries were pertinent to today’s society and quite sophisticated topics and themes were explored. A big note of thanks to Melissa Graham (PYPC), Ms Kate Flood for her assistance with technology and teaching and the classroom teachers, Ms Allison Stekelenburg and Mrs Joanne Cardullo. The Year 6 children certainly deserve their Graduation Day on Tuesday 8 December in which some fun, surprise activities have been planned for the children along with a luncheon and disco. What an exciting way for these students to finish their year. We will miss them and wish them all the very best as they move into the next step of their journey – secondary school.



We farewell Ms Jasmine Jones who has worked at Berwick Grammar and Junior School for around 10 years as a teacher and wish her and her family the very best in the future. I know that the colleagues and students that have worked with her will miss her contribution to their lives.

It is with great sadness that we farewell Mrs Judy Kneebone from the Junior School. Judy started at our school in 2006 as library assistant/archives assistant. After our current Inquiry Centre was built Judy did further study to become a Library Technician and it is in this role that we will dearly miss her. Judy is the ultimate quiet achiever who goes about her work in her own inimitable way. She has produced some outstanding displays over the years and has kept the library collections up to date and to a high standard. We wish Judy well in her retirement.



We farewell some of our students as they either go on to a new school or are relocating interstate or overseas. We shall miss every single child and wish all these leavers and their families the very best for now and in the future.

I would like to particularly thank my 2020 SRC students: Kash and Kitty, Eddie and Lilly, Chloe and Tia, Scott and Owen and Daisy and Xander. We made up for 6 months of lockdown by having weekly meetings in Term 4 which proved fruitful. These SRC students have been supportive and enthusiastic this year, voicing opinions and representing their year levels so well.

Our School Captain Leaders this year were simply outstanding. Special thanks to Vice Captains Daisy Weinzierl and Xander Macinkovic and Captains Madeline Maher and Robbie Parker. They have courageously led the school during an interrupted year and gave the students hope and stability against a background of change. We will miss them and want to pay special tribute to them as an exemplary group of young people!


Transition Day- getting ready for 2021

Our 2021 Prep students had a most successful orientation morning on Thursday 26 November. Monday 7 December is our final assembly and it is also the occasion when we announce our 2021 School Captains. On this day, new students who are joining us in Years 1 to 6 will visit for the day and meet their new classmates for next year. We are so pleased the Government regulations have been relaxed, now allowing for this to happen. On this day, our current students will meet their 2021 class teacher and classmates in the morning session. Some children embrace change easily whilst others can find change hard to manage and it can be unsettling. In these instances, it is important to acknowledge this, normalise it and help your child to see and look forward to the many positive experiences that await them in 2021.


As we reflect on 2020, one very important thing emerges. The ELC children have continued to demonstrate their resilience, delight in being able to connect with their friends and teachers, and their enthusiasm to learn and grow. Returning to kindergarten for a very busy term 4, the children immediately settled back into their classes ready to focus on developing their interests and pursuing their passions. In order to show appreciation for their wonderful families, they have spent time carefully designing special gifts and making cards. Through these experiences the children have refined their fine-motor skills and practised writing their names, whilst learning how text can express meaning. With their focus on the work at hand, they have developed commitment to completing tasks and their ability to concentrate on an experience. Preparing to perform special Christmas concerts for many weeks, the children have worked collaboratively and developed their confidence, as they learnt their lines and listened carefully for their turn to act. We know that both the children and families are looking forward to seeing the performances on Friday December 4, via the online link.

Class discussions about change, and interactions with new teachers, have supported each of the children to begin to develop new relationships with the teachers that will educate and care for them next year. Supporting positive transitions and having shared responsibility for the children’s wellbeing has seen us postpone our ELC orientation day until Wednesday January 20 2021, so that we can meet all new families and children within the ELC environment. We are looking forward to a wonderful 2021.

On behalf of the ELC team, I would like to thank all families for their support and involvement in the very interesting 2020 year that we have had. We have loved working with your children and wish them all the best for either their four-year-old kindergarten year, or the commencement of their school journey. Have a relaxing and peaceful holiday break and enjoy some quality time with your family and friends. It is something we all now appreciate more than ever! We will look forward to seeing you all again in 2021.

Sue Eden – ELC Director


Thank you to all

I hope many of you managed to watch our Junior School Presentation Evening for Years 4-6 students that was broadcast on Friday 27 November, online. I paid homage to our students and staff for their exceptional efforts this year. However, I also acknowledged and thanked you, the parents, for your extraordinary efforts, respectful exchanges and understanding this year. We have achieved excellent outcomes and, importantly, the children were able to come back on-site, reconnect with their friends and learn in the classroom supported by their dedicated teachers. I wish you all a most refreshing and well-deserved break with time to savour what is important to you and your family. My most sincere thanks to you all.


Louise Sayar – Head of Junior School.

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