From the Head of Junior School – 19 November 2020

From the Head of Junior School – 19 November 2020

We had a successful House Athletics Day on Thursday 12 November.  The day began with the Prep to Year 2 Field and Track Events, followed by the ELC 4-year-old children run their races. The Years 3 to 6 children participated in a variety of events including discus, shot put, vortex, long jump, sprints, relays, hurdles and tunnel ball.

Gipson House was the overall victor with 2440 points, followed by Campbell House with 2364 points and Cunningham House with 2202 points. Thank you to Mr. Hibbins, Mrs. Bukin, Kale and Laura for their notable organisation of the day and to the many teaching and support staff who helped behind the scenes too. The day ran without a hitch and the children were particularly calm and engaged. It felt exciting being able to have whole school event; the children did not sit in their Houses like they normally do, but rather in their classes due to COVID regulations. It did feel odd not having our parent community with us to share the joy of the day. However, photos and the odd video will be posted on to Seesaw for you to peruse. I congratulate the following children who are named as Year Level champions on the day: Prep-a 3 way tie between Nathan Hammond, Ronnie Zhao and Zoraver Dhawan;  Lola Thurmond, ; Year 1-Meron Shamoun and a tie between Ava Pettifer

Neily Pothupitiyage Silva ; Year 2- Wuyou Qin and Ava Magagna; Year 3- Zach Westerveld and Niamh O’Loughlin ; Year 4 – a tie between Max Goode and Jimmy Scanlan; Chloe Westerveld ; Year 5 a tie between Lorenzo Chen and Oliver Gallie; Ashleigh Stibbard;  Year 6- Coen Bulte; Maya Pickford.

I look forward to reporting on the House Jogathon which will take place during PE classes next week in the next edition of Campus News.



Our Year 6 students have been undertaking some great inquiries as part of their 2020 PYP exhibition. Lots of secondary research in class, together with interviews for primary research and meetings with mentors, is ensuring some wonderful learning. Action is being inspired and students are collaborating on presentation ideas. We are really excited about sharing this with our families on 25 November. Normally our students and parents would be able to visit our Year 6 rooms and view the exhibition in person and attend the official opening. However, this year we are forging ahead, unperturbed, and the exhibition will be virtual. A special note of thanks to the class teachers, Ms Stekelenburg and Mrs Cardullo, Deputy Head and PYP Co-ordinator Mrs Graham, Ms. Flood and Mrs. Cugley for the ongoing support, feedback, guidance, encouragement and technical assistance they have given to the students throughout this 8-week process. It has been a mammoth task in every way but is also a wonderful celebration and demonstration of learning as the children have the opportunity to apply so many skills (or approaches to learning), in a real-life/authentic context. This experience and the skills they have built on throughout their engagement with the Primary Years Program in Junior School should place them in good stead for Year 7 and beyond.



The celebration of Diwali began last week, aspects of which are similar to many other traditional celebrations. Diwali entails opening gifts, sharing mithai sweets, dressing up and placing diya lamps along a walkway so that Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, could find her way to each home on the night of the new moon.

The symbolism of Diwali —the triumph of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, hope over despair — continues to resonate, and seems particularly salient this year, when a pandemic has disrupted our lives beyond recognition. To those families who celebrate this religious festival, we wish you a joyous time with families and friends and a prosperous year ahead.


Library Borrowing of books

As it is getting close to the end of the year, we ask that you take note of borrowing arrangements for students.

  • Students in Years 3-6 will be able to borrow up until the end of week 7– Friday 20th November
  • Students in ELC-Year 2 will also be able to borrow in Week 8 – Friday 27th November


If students have returned their books by Week 10 – and are returning to our School in 2021:

  • Years 3-6 could borrow up to 4 books over the Christmas Break
  • Prep to Year 2 students can borrow up to 4 Picture Story Books or simple chapter books over the Christmas Break

Year level lists of Recommendations of Authors, Books and Series will be uploaded to Seesaw for parents to access so you can assist your child with borrowing. Do not forget to access your local library in the holidays and borrow some books!

We do ask parents to return library books that have been borrowed this semester so that we can do a stocktake of our resources, apart from the books borrowed for the Summer holiday period.

We also ask parents to search high and low in the house for any readers that belong to the school and please return them ASAP to your child’s class teacher. We would be grateful for readers to be returned. Students in the younger classes can continue to access WUSHKA to read leveled books during the holiday break as well. Happy Reading!

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