Study Tours

St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar offer students an array of opportunities to explore the world. The School ardently encourages students to partake in international tours that are conducted annually, serving the interests of students academically and personally. Students have encountered unique regions of the world ranging across Asia and Europe.

Tours are designed as a tool of cultural and educational enrichment. International and domestic tours are often encompassed as an element of the School curriculum, and are thus referred to as study tours. The School is committed to providing all students with a varied and practical educational experience, and students are therefore encouraged to participate in tours that serve their curricular interests, whether musical, academic or language based.

Students who travel to China gain valuable insight into the geographical and historical significance of the country while embracing its broad cultural diversity. Alternatively, students can travel to France to study the French language, absorb the wonderful culture and explore historical links. Tours as such also provide students with the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture through a homestay program.

Our school has a strong social justice program that is complimented by a unique overseas service and learning trip through Northern Thailand and Laos. This program provides outstanding opportunities for students and staff to engage in a contemporary program that balances personal challenge, adventure and service.

Testimonial China Tour by Christine Meyer and Sophie Tivendale
Testimonial China Tour by Ricci Hartman
Testimonial France Tour by Sophie Ward and Olivia Butler
Testimonial France Tour by Ted Purcell and Nic Zappia

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