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St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar School provides students with the opportunity to participate in international student exchanges, a consequence of our commitment to the Queen Margaret of Scotland Girls’ Schools Association. Past students have had the fortune to explore renowned locations such as York (England), Aberdeen (Scotland), Wellington and Christchurch (New Zealand) as part of the exchange program.

The program is a prominent component of international engagement and is designed to enhance the personal and educational journey of the St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar students.  The resoundingly positive response from past participants in the exchange program is a testament to its popularity and success. As a consequence of the school community’s enthusiastic reception to the international exchange program, opportunities for students will undoubtedly continue to expand, with a wider assortment of exchange locations to be offered in the future for our senior girls and boys.

Exchange Testimonials

Reflecting back on what was the most amazing seven weeks brings back so many incredible memories, impossible to express in words.   Christine Meyer, student exchange to York, England

We have become more independent, learned to adapt to new situations, made new friends and had many unforgettable experiences.   Erica Rankin and Lydia Binder, student exchange to Aberdeen, Scotland

I’ve been lucky enough to explore different parts of the country, meet lots of great people and experience what life is like for a student at St Margaret’s School for Girls.   Amy Fankhauser, student exchange to Aberdeen, Scotland

It only took a few days to feel both confident and comfortable enough to navigate our way around the school grounds.   David Somers and Michael Jennings, student exchange to Wellington, New Zealand

Hearing all the amazing experiences from previous years, I knew this was something I really wanted to do.   Hannah Quinn, student exchange to Wellington, New Zealand

Being lucky enough to participate in the Student Exchange program has allowed us to experience the world in a different light.   Georgia Coward-Smith and Zoe Freihofer, student exchange to Christchurch, New Zealand

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