Fee Arrangements

It is our aim to continue to deliver an educational program through distance/online provision until all schools may return to face to face operation. The education of our students must continue apace. We recognise that some families may struggle financially because of COVID-19 and we wish to work with them to keep them as part of our community as we continue to deliver an excellent education to your children.

The following points set out measures that we have put in place regarding fees in order to help us to assess where the need is and to provide assistance where we can.

  1. For families where one or both fee payers have been stood down from employment OR where their business has had to reduce or cease operation as a direct result of the COVID-19 situation and where the impact on income is foreseen to be temporary: we ask you to complete the COVID-19 Financial Hardship Application Form to request fee deferral (PDF).
  2. We are unfortunately not in a position to offer across the board discounts on fees as there are still significant costs in running the School and we need to remain operationally viable to resume face to face learning.
  3. Where families have already been in arrears with fees for 6 weeks or more, we will unfortunately not be in a position to assist further with extensions or remissions.
  4. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to refund any prepaid fees.

Should you have any questions The School’s Chief Financial Officer, Mrs Pippa Birch, is available to discuss your financial situation via email on birchp@stmargarets.vic.edu.au

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