Senior Girls (T2)

Term 2, Week 7 2020-At a glance.

  • Monday 25th May Staff planning day. No secondary classes will occur for any year level.
  • SMS staff are encouraged to come in and prepare themselves for the physical classes all week per usual operating hours.
  • Classes for Year 10-12 will begin on Tuesday the 26th using the current modified Timetable.
  • Temperature checks will be in place for staff and students between 8am and 9am follow signage at entry points.
  • Only teachers of 10-12 will be asked to physically attend campus, others may conduct classes remotely.
  • Support School will run on Monday 25 May at SMS.
  • Cross Campus classes will recommence on Wednesday 27th May.

Senior School Reporting

As previously communicated, Senior School reports will be released on Tuesday 21 July.

Arriving at School

  • Year 10-12 students are to arrive by 8.30am and Years 7 – 9 to arrive by 8.45am and enter through St Margaret’s Place and make their way to the temperature testing station in the Auditorium foyer.
  • Students arriving with Junior School siblings or by public transport may enter via Gloucester Avenue and The Cottage for temperature testing.


  • Do not come to School if unwell, wash and sanitise hands regularly, cover coughs and sneezes, maintain social distance protocols.
  • Drinking fountains to be closed, bring a refillable bottle.
  • Daily programs will be altered to minimise contact-No assemblies, large gatherings will occur
  • Parents on Secondary campuses for essential purposes only. Please stay in cars when picking up and dropping off.

Student Protocols

  • Stay home if unwell
  • Have your temperature taken upon arrival
  • Sick students will be sent home
  • There may be queues-be patient and follow staggering advice and location direction
  • Use hand sanitiser regularly
  • Maintain social distancing of 1.5 metres
  • Avoid touching common surfaces
  • Ask questions, follow protocols
  • Bring headphones as there may continue to be a mixture of online classes and teams due to illness
  • Lunchbox to be open but social distancing must be followed
  • Drink taps will be closed
  • Students with PE may wear sports uniform to School
  • Bus/Train travel-where possible implement social distancing, avoid touching surfaces-sanitise hands after exiting.
  • Where possible avoid congested areas, take your bag with you to class with books for the day.


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