Junior School (T2)

Staggered times for Junior School drop off and pick up. Junior School students from Prep to Year 2 must be dropped off and picked up at the front of the school in Gloucester Avenue and/or at the turning circle and walk up the path to The Cottage for temperature taking (only done in the morning). Parents do NOT need to sign their children in. Staff will be on duty for children to be dropped off and picked up from the turning circle at the front of Junior School Reception entry.  As of 1st June, students in Years 3 to 6 must be dropped off at St Margaret’s place at the Bus stop. We will have staff on duty in this area as well. Please refer to the maps in this letter.

Students cannot be dropped off earlier than the times below unless they have been booked into Before Care from 7.00am. After School Care continues to be available until 6.00pm for those families who book in. Students who arrive at school later than the times below need to report to The Cottage.

8.20am Gloucester Ave: Year 2, St Margaret’s Place: Year 6

8.30am Gloucester Ave: Year 1, St Margaret’s Place: Year 5

8.40am Gloucester Ave: Prep, St Margaret’s Place: Year 3 & 4


End of Day pick up times

2.50pm Gloucester Ave: Year 2, St Margaret’s Place: Year 5 and 6

3.00pm Gloucester Ave: Prep and Year 1, St Margaret’s Place: 3 and 4


SIBLINGS INFO: If you have more than one child, your children come and go from School at the time of the youngest child even if it doesn’t coincide with the rest of your family’s year level cohorts.

E.g. If your youngest child is in Prep, your family arrives at 8.40am and leaves at 3.00pm via Gloucester Ave.

E.g. If your youngest child is in Year 3, your family arrives at 8.40am and leaves at 3.00pm via St Margaret’s Place

E.g. If your youngest child is in Year 2, your family arrives at 8.20am and leaves at 2.50pm via Gloucester Ave.




Junior School reporting

We write to confirm arrangements for student reporting for Semester 1 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the provision of distance learning since the final week of Term 1 and for most of Term 2, we have modified our mid-year reports for this year. In line with Government requirements, Junior School Semester 1 reports will outline each student’s progress and achievement in English, Mathematics and include a general comment about them as a learner as well as the inquiry work undertaken throughout the semester. We will not include a 5-point achievement scale for each subject studied, including specialist subjects.  This descriptive report will be issued in the week beginning Monday 20 July 2020.

After having the children back for a substantial number of weeks at school, we will be able to undertake a variety of summative assessments and this will allow us to issue a 5-point scale report for Years 1-6, mid-way through Term 3. This will coincide with our postponed mid-year Parent Teacher Interviews. A new date for these interviews will be finalised in the coming weeks. As per Government guidelines, a 5-point scale report is not required for Prep children until the end of Semester 2 but those families will have a Parent Teacher interview during Term 3.

During this pandemic, the staff have made regular contact by phone, email and/or via online meetings to discuss the pastoral and academic needs and progress of each child. Parents are encouraged to continue to keep the lines of communication open about their children for the remainder of term, to ensure a smooth transition back to the classroom on campus. Staff continue to be available until the end of term to discuss your child’s wellbeing and progress at a mutually convenient time. If you have any queries about reporting and assessment, please contact Melissa Graham or Louise Sayar.


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