The advice we have received from the Department of Transport is that students can be transported to school in the normal manner, given extra precautions.

Berwick Bus Lines service from Upper Beaconsfield to the St Margaret’s Campus via Berwick Secondary will a run both morning and night

Our Alston buses will run as usual from Tuesday 26 May. The bus company has taken the additional steps against the Covid 19 pandemic by retro-fitting of the Hispacold air-conditioning in the Mercedes Benz Irizar fleet with Hispacold ECO3 air purifiers. They will continue to use a deep disinfection regime in the fleet before and after each cohort is transported and hand sanitisers will be available at the entrance of each bus. Below is the link with regards to Covid 19 with Hispacold ECO3 air-purifier:


Please indicate your intention to use the buses by emailing Kathy Cary on Kathy@stmargarets.vic.edu.au


All other public schools only services have been running as usual in term 2.


Shuttle bus St Margaret’s to Berwick Grammar

These will also function as normal at the start and end of each day, with similar hygiene precautions to the Alston buses and the school will use the larger bus to maximise social distancing. Please note cross campus classes will commence in the week Tuesday 26 – Friday 29 May. The teachers will inform students about arrangements in the week prior. Cross campus classes will return fully in the week beginning May 26; however, the use of the modified timetable for the rest of Term 2 will minimises the frequency of trips between the campuses.



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