In Focus

Year 8 Camp at Wilson’s Promontory

Our Year 8 girls had a fun and challenging experience at Wilson’s Promontory National Park as part of their Outdoor Education program. Under the guidance of The Outdoor Education Group, our students undertook canoeing sessions on Tidal River, surfing and snorkelling activities in Norman Bay and a ranger session with Parks Victoria. For most, the toughest challenge was the overnight hike out to either Sealers Cove or Oberon Bay. It was great to watch our girls extend the borders of their comfort zone and show true determination to finish something together….even when it’s hard! The support and comradery displayed by the girls was evident as they revelled in their successes at the end of a hard day. Each of the groups made a trip to the very top of Mt Oberon to take in the spectacular views of this beautiful area. It was a highlight for most of the girls, as were their interactions with the local wildlife. We had great weather and it was a nice way to start the year together.

Mrs Brooke White
Year 8 Coordinator