Year 7 and 8 History

Each year the Year 7 and 8 History courses finish with special experiences.

The Year 7 girls celebrated an Ancient Greek Day with yummy Greek foods such as dolmades, tzatziki and loukoumades. Each girl was asked to dress as a Greek God or other historical Greek figure and to present information about their character to their classmates. It was certainly interesting to see Aphrodite rubbing shoulders with Zeus and Apollo at a feast for the first time in thousands of years! This day has been part of the Year 7 experience for a decade now and the girls always enjoy the chance to learn more about ancient Greece from each other in an interesting and fun way.

The Year 8 girls travelled further in distance but not as far back in time as they ventured to Kryal Castle for a range of medieval experiences. While at the castle they met an executioner, a nobleman and a peasant and learned about siege weaponry and archery. Many girls really enjoyed having a look in the torture chamber but were pleased to be observers rather than participants.

Many thanks to Ms Wakefield, Ms Roberts, Ms Bennett and Mr Cameron for accompanying the girls and helping them to get the most from these wonderful experiences.

Mr Mark Easton