In Focus

Year 10 Camp – Anglesea 2017

The Year 10 Outdoor Education experience focuses on recreational opportunities available in the water. Girls had a great time learning to surf, stand up paddle board, surf kayak and had a turn on a giant stand up paddle board. At night time, with an amazing sunset going down over main beach, the girls competed for their House in the annual beach carnival. All girls participated in beach flags and the winner of this competition was Keely Stickley of Cunningham, second Lauren Castricum of Gipson and third Shae Jones of Campbell. The final race of the carnival was a beach relay, Mrs Pay created a very creative circuit and the girls had a lot of fun completing it, congratulations to Campbell House who were the winners. Whilst participating in these great activities girls are encouraged to show determination to try new skills and bond with all girls in their year level as they begin their senior school journey. This is how the girls felt about the experience.

Anglesea Surf camp has to be one of the best camps I’ve ever been on with the school. Being with my friends over the three days was so much fun and it helped me get to know everyone better, which is why I’m so glad that we did this at the start of year. I think that my favourite activities had to be stand-up paddle-boarding, but all of the activities where really great. – Sarah Johnson 

Year 10 Anglesea camp was an unbelievable experience being able to build new, incredible friendships with the girls. Coming from South Africa and an area which was entirely landlocked, I especially enjoyed being able to do surfing, stand up paddle-boarding and kayaking. An awesome occasion and sad for it to come to an end but something other year levels will unquestionably love! I was especially grateful that I was so welcomed into my new school and country by everyone and able to create such special memories together on camp. – Jenna Laubser

Mrs Jacquie Atkins
Year 10 Coordinator