In Focus

Vision Sisters

Over the past few months the Year 11 Social Service Committee of Emma Easton, Rachel Curtis and Christine Meyer have dedicated many hours to organising and running their social service initiative, supporting a charity called Vision Sisters. Vision Sisters is a collaboration between World Vision and Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) that has been set up to provide clean birthing kits for Ugandan women so that mothers living in poverty are able to safely give birth. This initiative also provides training to health care workers in the local communities.

The Willow Restaurant at St Margaret’s School was the venue for the ladies afternoon tea and raffle which was attended by over 50 women from the St Margaret’s School community. Whilst it was an entertaining afternoon for the ladies involved, their generosity saw over $2000.00 being raised which was used to purchase materials for 400 clean birthing kits. Each kit contains a plastic sheet, a piece of soap, two gloves, three pieces of string and a small razor blade. The total cost of the kit is less than a cup of coffee, yet it can help prevent infection and save lives.

In late November a day to pack the birthing kits was held. Many students and staff volunteered to help and with their industrious efforts they were able to pack all the birthing kits in one session. Working together as a school community to achieve a common goal was fantastic and the social service committee are very appreciative of all those who took the time to assist in packing of the kits. Active social service events such as this provide students with a sense that they are making a positive tangible impact upon the lives of others.

Natalie Petruccelli, Social Service Coordinator