At the beginning of Term 2, St Margaret’s School was invited to participate in trialling the Australian Curriculum learning resources developed by the team at TrackSAFE.

As a school, we have a terrific opportunity to provide an authentic learning culture with a strong moral purpose and values and an emphasis on health and happiness. With our core school values of social responsibility, compassion and a desire to develop ethical citizenship we were therefore delighted to be given the opportunity to pilot ‘Be on the Safe Side’ program by TrackSAFE.

This initiative has allowed us to focus on harm prevention and awareness of appropriate safety in and around trains, with a particular focus on peer pressure. Given the notion that Health and PE is a strength based approach for learning which affirms that all students and their communities have particular strengths and resources that can be used to improve their own and others health and safety; TrackSAFE Educational resource provides teachers an education format which can be obtained and utilised to help students contextualise the impact of their behaviour and may reflect on their decision making and strategies to help them make good choices.