The Wallabies and Kangaroos Visit Myuna Farm

Did you know that you can milk some goats and the milk is warm when it comes out of the goat udder? This fact amazed our Early Learning Centre (ELC) children as they watched the engaging show at Myuna farm. As part of their inquiries about the needs of living things, the children enthusiastically boarded their bus and enjoyed a day at the farm learning about the needs of farm animals. They were quick to recognise that the pig was so muddy, not because he wanted to be dirty, but because he was using the mud as his sunscreen on such a hot day. Smiles of delight were seen as the children confidently rode the ponies, carefully wearing their helmets to be safe on their ride. Curiosity was evoked by the hanging bats in the trees who were flapping their wings in order to keep cool. Some children wondered how the farmer knew that there were 15,000 bats in the trees, but we decided it might take too long to count so we moved past the wetlands to ride the train back past the cows and horses eating hay in their paddocks. Patting baby goats and sheep and feeding the hungry cows and goats demonstrated what caring and responsible students we have in the ELC.

Mrs Sue Eden
Director Early Learning Centre