Summit Activities

The end of year program for the Year 7 to 9 SMS girls is focused on collaboration and building relationships across the year levels. The inaugural Year 7 and 8 Summit Program Academic Triathlon was another opportunity within the program for the members of these year level’s Enrichment Groups to combine in mixed groups to take on 3 academic challenge events in the areas of English, Mathematics and Science. This event was a celebration of the girls’ hard work throughout 2016 in their enrichment classes, giving them a chance to utilise their skills and knowledge in some exciting team challenges. The English challenges were based on the theme of Poetry and saw the girls producing, reorganising and analysing a collection of original and well known poems. The activities challenged the students’ understanding of, and skills using, a range poetic forms and devices. The Science leg of the triathlon required the students to produce a fruit and/or vegetable battery, with the winning group being the one who could produce the greatest amount of energy from their circuit. The triathlon concluded with a set of Mathematics problems for which the students employed a range of critical and creative thinking skills combined with their vast knowledge of Mathematical concepts. Across the three stages there was a range of opportunities for all of the girls to contribute their own unique strengths and ideas. Groups who placed in the first 4 places in each event were awarded with ribbons and the three highest performing teams overall were presented with certificates to acknowledge their outstanding efforts. The spirit of determination was evident throughout the competition and the staff involved were incredibly proud of the skills and enthusiasm on display throughout the 3 day event. We look forward to making this an integral part of the end of year program in years to come.

Mr Chris Wyatt