Safety Inquirers

Our Prep students were delighted to welcome Senior Sergeant Danny O’Sullivan from Narre Warren Police Station, who spoke to the children about how the police can help keep them safe. This was the provocation for the Preps new unit of inquiry – How We Organise Ourselves. He talked to the children about how the police keep us safe and what to do in certain situations i.e. if you were lost at a shopping centre. Also Senior Sergeant Danny brought his police car and the children heard him talk on the police radio and he turned on the siren which the children loved!

Also the next day Doctors Kirrily Ellerton and Simon Craig (Ailish and Bridie’s parents) talked to the Preps about how doctors look after us and keep us healthy. The children loved it when Simon pretended he had a broken wrist and Kirrily put plaster on his arm and the children felt the plaster. Both presentations were a wonderful start for the children to become ‘Safety Inquirers’ for this unit of inquiry.