Parent and Daughter Science Evenings

Over the last few evenings nearly 30 parents and their daughters attended our Year 7 Science Nights. These were held to allow parents to gain an understanding of the experimental and problem solving approach the Science Department takes to develop scientific skills and content knowledge – essential for the students to be well prepared for their VCE Science studies. It also allows the parents to meet the team of experienced teachers who are teaching the girls these foundation skills.

The parents and their young scientists made predictions, performed experiments and decided if their results really did support their ideas. Students showed their parents some of the experiments they had performed earlier in the term, demonstrating their growing familiarity with experimental techniques, laboratory safety and the names and uses of scientific equipment. The final activity had both daughters and parents being set the challenge of designing an experiment together. It was exciting to see the pairs working together, discussing options in design and the reasons for this, and performing their experiments to see if they could solve the problem.

Ms Krista Bayliss
Head of Science