P-12 Art Exhibition Artist Profile – Lauren Hargraves Year 12

I have always have been fascinated with the ability to recreate a living thing or object with my own hands. Sketching, often using pencil and paper has been a great hobby of mine in the past, but as a Studio Arts 3/4 student this year I have been able to step out and challenge myself with both monochromatic and color oil painting. I have always loved creating something that has the appearance of being real such as the works of artists such as Alyssa Monks, and I feel that art (specifically painting) allows me to be precise enough to create this. The relaxed lifestyle and freedom of the artist also appeals to me, and I love the fact that I can listen to music and create my own little world or have a conversation with someone all while I’m working.

I can’t deny that I am also addicted to the feeling of finishing a piece of work and being proud of all the hard work that went into it. As an artist, I have been entered in art exhibitions and have sold some works of mine, which motivates me to put everything I can into my final works this year and continue to create works that others can enjoy looking at.

Come and see the St Margaret’s School Prep-12 Art Exhibition on Friday 22 August in the Art Department and see some of Lauren’s finished work as well as work from our other student artists.

Exhibition Viewing from 5pm -7pm
Speeches and Official Opening 5.30pm
Exhibition Viewing Saturday 23 August 9pm – 4pm