In Focus

Mr Sean Pieper and Culture

The indefatigable Mr Pieper: all members of the Berwick Grammar School staff give their time generously and willingly to the boys. Mr Sean Pieper, in his role as the Coordinator Cultural, merits, however, particular mention. He has offered, unstintingly, a rich and varied range of opportunities to students, during the school day, and during many evenings and weekends. Like the parents of these students who have also generously supported their sons’ interests, Mr  Pieper wants to give boys every opportunity to develop their strengths by engaging with the educational community beyond St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School, and continues to seek out these competitions, challenges and activities, with even more irons in his fire for Semester 2. We thank him for all that he has done this semester to enrich and extend and challenge the young men of BGS, and look forward to what further richness Semester 2 will bring under his stewardship.

Dr Deane Blackler
Interim Head, Berwick Grammar School