In Focus

Monash Engineering Challenge

Twelve Year 8 SMS students had the wonderful opportunity recently participating in the Monash University Engineering Challenge.

Sabrina Ward reflects on this program:

I greatly enjoyed myself and learned a great deal not just about engineering/physics but how to think like an engineer, skills for working with other people and job opportunities involving science for the future.

The program allowed us to do many hands on activities which I personally found most informative. It included many different fields of engineering. I never knew that there were so many opportunities in engineering before! I even learned new things from new friends from different schools and their interests in engineering. This program was an excellent way for me to make new friends as we all had a common passion for science. It was a good environment for learning as I felt comfortable with the other students and I was always interested in what was being taught.

I was lucky enough to do all the fun activities! We all made a cool solar powered machine, I programed a robot to do the splits, my team managed to make a bridge out of pasta and glue that could hold 2300g and I was even told that I could have a future in being part of a pit stop crew for car racing!

I fully recommend this program to other Year 8 students in the future.