In Focus

MapIT! 2015

School Challenge was a pilot competition run in conjunction by the Cardinia Shire Council, the Geography Teachers Association of Victoria (GTAV) and Victoria Walks. It provided a unique opportunity for students to apply geography skills and knowledge learnt in the classroom in a practical, real-world context. All Year 7 Geography students at BGS entered this competition.

The first-of-its-kind contest encouraged local primary and secondary students to use the power of geography and maps to either redesign a recreational space, upgrade their school playground or plot an exciting walking trail in their local area.

The winners of the X-factor award from Year 7 at BGS were Kurt Caddy, Lachlan Webb,
Nicholas Riordan and Brayden Cairns

The winner of the Walking Maps Initiative Award was Angus Bares.

Mr Anthony Smith

(photo courtesy of Cardinia Shire Council)