In Focus

Healthy Eating

Unit 3 Food Studies students were privileged to have Rodney Graham, Molecular Gastronomy Chef and Co-owner of Peninsula Larder, instruct them on culinary dishes that would extend their knowledge of the functional components of ingredients in relation to the Science of Food. Rodney instructed the students on how to create technically challenging dishes that stimulated all the senses. These included Apple Caviar, Cauliflower and Truffle Foam, Mango Egg, Orange Jelly Spaghetti and Carrot Air. To see the use of Molecular Gastronomy used in the Hospitality industry go to Peninsula Larder website

The Year 9 Healthy Eating class were fortunate to have Nutritionist Sue Verhey join the class recently where she led the girls on an examination of the role of sugar in the diet, concerns regarding hidden sugars and healthy sugar alternatives. Sue is part of the St Margaret’s School alumnae and has an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, as well as a Diploma in VET and Cert III in Hospitality. Sue became a chef after leaving St Margaret’s School and then later became a Hospitality teacher at Holmesglen TAFE. Sue has a passion for sourcing and preparing healthy, nutritious food – a passion which led her to study and qualify as a nutritionist. Sue also runs cooking sessions for the community. Her motto is healthy food for a healthy life! More information can be found on Sue’s website

Mrs Mary Holstock and Mrs Sarah Pay
Food Studies Teachers