In Focus

Head of Campus Update – 25 October 2018

We have been focusing on leadership over the past few weeks in Senior School. Our first assembly this term saw the 2018 School Captains officially hand over their responsibilities to Ashlee and Meg, the School Captains for 2019. We were very pleased to have past student Sophie Weston (class of 2013) offering sage advice to the girls based on her leadership experiences both while a student at St Margaret’s and in the years since she left school.

Last week we held our student Leadership Induction Ceremony where it was acknowledged that all Year 12 students are leaders and role-models in the school. They were presented with their Unicorn pin and later proudly put on their new Year 12 red jumpers. Our thanks goes to past student Emily Somers (class of 2003) who spoke brilliantly about her experiences post school which led her to developing her company Bravery where she enacts the school philosophy of leadership through service. At the induction ceremony the following students were appointed to take responsibility for various portfolios in 2019;

Senior School Captains                              Ashlee Brotherton and Meg Gardiner

Captains of Student Council                     Rebecca Dack and Shria Rithesh

Year 12 Captain                                            Pranjal Pokhalekar

House Captains
Campbell                                                        Zarli Corless and Darcy Hetherington

Cunningham                                                 Chloe Bernard and Binithi Gunasekera

Gipson                                                            Lauren Castricum and Carmen Ubermanowicz

Art Captain                                                   Ruby Graziano

Dance Captain                                             Maddison Padula

Debating Captain                                        Sithmi Rupasinghe

Drama Captain                                            Josephine Arnold

Duke of Edinburgh Captain                     Meg Gardiner

Stagecraft Leaders                                      Alana Geremia and Malisha Skinner

Environment Captain                                Samantha Meyer

Magazine Committee                                 Tharushi Banneka

Thisuni de Silva

Music Captain                                             Sofia Imperatore

Leader of Choir                                           Sofia Imperatore

Leader of Orchestra                                   Ellen Ashwell

Leader of Symphonics                               Ruby Graziano

Choir Section Leaders Sopranos             Josephine Arnold

Mezzos          Phoebe Sinclair

Altos               Aiyah Agha


School Ambassadors Captain                    Jenna Laubser

Social Service Captain                                Keely Stickley

Social Service Committee                          Tharushi Banneka

Thisuni de Silva

Sports Captain                                             Shae Jones

Athletics                                                        Shae Jones

Cross Country                                              Lauren Castricum

Swimming Captain                                     Sarah Arnett

Diving Captain                                            Ellen Ashwell

Equestrian                                                   Natasha Moody

HPV                                                              Makenzie Betts


Mrs Fiona Williams
Head of St Margaret’s Senior School