Head of Campus Update – 15 September 2016

Well another term is over and what a big, busy and exciting term it has been!  So in this final post for the Term 3, I thought it would be appropriate to acknowledge and celebrate some of the outstanding student achievements we are very proud of – many of which have had the wonderful support of our class teachers and our Learning Enhancement Teacher (Mrs Katie Cooper).

Achievements in Junior School

This term students from Year 2 to Year 6 have been independent workers, focusing on areas of personal interest and independent inquiry.

Siyan Ai from Year 6 competed in the National Spellmasters competition finishing a commendable third in round 5. She progresses to the Australian finals in November.

Twenty-four students competed in the Australian Maths Talent Quest this year, completing a myriad of mathematical investigations based on personal interest and areas of expertise. All students who entered received award certificates.

  • Credit Certificates: Daniel Anderson, Coen Bulte, Quinn James (group entry – Year 2), Bridie Craig , Robbie Parker, Dulini Perera (group entry – Year 2), Adya Pandey (Year 3), Lauren Nelson (Year 3), Leah O’Sullivan, Nilma Nanayakkara, Denuri Gunaratne (group entry – Year 6), Sneha Santhosh (Year 6), Lucy Zong, Anvi Agarwal, Soumya Rajendran (group entry – Year 6) Deanna Kuruwitage (Year 6), Tian Mortimer and Amy Wu (Year 6).
  • Distinction Certificates: Nitesh Jayasinghe (Year 2), Brianna Munns, Alisha Cawsey, Chiara McConchie (group entry – Year 6), Annabelle Morton (Year 6). These five students will be presented with their certificate and a gift voucher at La Trobe University in October.
  • High Distinction certificate: Talisha Gialanze (Year 6) achieved a high distinction with her entry ‘an inquiry into how composers use rhythmical notes’. Talisha successfully used the judging rubric to guide her inquiry and undertook an investigation that was of immense personal interest. Talisha will be presented with her certificate and gift voucher at La Trobe University in October.

To conclude, two students entered the National History Challenge, ‘Triumph and Tragedy’. Phoebe Bourke (Year 5) writing an Australian History essay about children in Australia during the Second World War and Adya Pandey producing a PowerPoint about Malala Yousafzai. Both Adya and Phoebe have progressed to the state final which will be held in October.

The school congratulates all students on their effort and achievement.

Best wishes to everyone for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday break.

Mrs Melissa Graham
Head of Junior School