From the Principal

I am beginning to settle into my new role for the year and have truly appreciated the messages of support and friendly chats (and coffee) over the past few weeks from our school community. I am thoroughly enjoying moving around the three campuses and becoming more familiar with students and families from the Senior School. For me it reinforces why this is such a great school – positive ‘can do’ attitudes from people of all ages, care and compassion genuinely shown towards each other, taking the time to listen to each other and respect differences of opinion and working together for what’s right for all students to achieve and experience success.

I was especially proud of our students on Anzac Day. After meeting at the RSL in Langmore Lane, students of all ages met and walked together as all School Captains confidently lead the march to the cenotaph in High Street. The older students were holding the hands of the younger students showing guidance, compassion and care. It was a proud moment for our school community! A big thank you to all families who supported our school’s participation and encouraged us along the route down Gloucester Ave and High Street. A wreath from each campus was laid at the cenotaph prior to the service in memory of those men and women who fought and died in war.

Parent Forums have been introduced this year across all campuses to provide an opportunity to share ideas and opinions as we commence the process for developing our school’s new five year strategic plan. Forums will be organised by campus and year levels to encourage relevant and meaningful discussions. Our first forum will be held next Monday 9 May at 1.45 pm in the Auditorium Foyer for parents with children in Year 2, 3 and 4 at SMS. This will be followed by a BGS forum for Year 5, 6 and 7 parents with a date and time to be confirmed soon. All parents are encouraged and warmly welcome to participate in discussions to help shape the future of St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School.

Finally, I wish all our mums a very happy Mother’s Day as we acknowledge and celebrate the ongoing love, care, guidance and strength that mums all around the world share with their children. I hope you all enjoy your special day with your family.

Ms Carole Reed