In Focus

From the Principal – 25 April 2017

I walked this morning with our School in the 2017 ANZAC march at Berwick. It was a solemn and precious occasion, and what struck me was the absolute authenticity of the experience. All the St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School students walked with genuine respect, humility and curiosity: curiosity about the world and the events that drove us to walk together on a very rainy day in April. We stood a short distance from the commemorative volley of shots fired by the soldiers on duty. As the bullets flew into the sky I sensed we all realized the very small but important part we play in each other’s and this nation’s life.  The BGS drummers marching with pride and the St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School students respectfully walking to honour others, looking very impressive in their uniform. How could one not feel part of and rejoice in this community that clearly respects itself, the past and those with whom we share the planet?  As the new(ish) Principal, I found it an incredibly important experience – particularly as straight afterwards, I continued to work on our draft Values, Vision and Mission.

I can only hope that all the work we have done on the Values, Vision and Mission captures the reverence, importance, and intent to be the best self one can be, as well as the imperative to lead a ‘good’ life that was evident on this stormy morning in April. I look forward to sharing the thinking with the community in the next little while.

Ms Annette Rome