In Focus

Exploring Melbourne

Inquiring into our Transdisciplinary Theme Where We Are In Place And Time, the Year 4 students went to explore the City of Melbourne.
After leading the Junior School Anzac Assembly earlier last term, the Year 4 students were able to make many connections during our visit to the Shrine of Remembrance. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to expand their historical knowledge. During our tour they demonstrated respect and empathy for those who served our country.

The afternoon was filled with a visit to Melbourne Museum where students enthusiastically inquired into the Koorie heritage through the First Peoples Exhibition. Finally, The Melbourne Story allowed students to see a visual and interactive representation of our Melbournian history through time.

On returning to school the students have loved sharing their new knowledge and understandings gained through this excursion. They are now connecting this knowledge to their group projects.

Our students were reflective and respectful during our journey and were great ambassadors for St Margaret’s School.
These experiences gave our students a small taste of what Melbourne has to offer and we encourage all families to take time to visit both of these places as a family.