In Focus

Environment Team Update

This week our garden beds are full, and as of today freshly mulched with pea straw.  Over the past month, the environment team has constructed three new garden beds around the border of the garden.  Raspberry canes, kindly donated by Mr McConchie, now occupy these new beds.  Further, the snow peas, onions, broccoli and garlic have started to sprout and grow.  Mr Bell has taught the boys to prune the fruit trees and repaired some of the garden beds while Mr Ashcroft has started some pumpkin seeds in the greenhouse and the composting by both staff and students has been quite successful.

This week the environment team is holding a BBQ sausage sizzle to raise money for trees to plant as part of Planet Arks National Tree Planting Day on the Friday 28 July. We also hope to use some of the funds to repair the garden beds.

Our next big fundraiser will be Keep Cups. This is in response to watching the ABC Program, ‘The War on Waste’ and the environment team noticing that this is one way of reducing single use items that are not recyclable like coffee cups.  This is a joint SMS and BGS project with all money raised to go to environmental projects at both campuses.

Ms Delanie Lewis